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Vote in Contest: 1-Click + Screenshot Do NOT post any comments.

1. Go to
or <

Work: Sign up Please note:
- Fake Names and emails will not be paid
- Emails using words Micro, Work, Job, Paid, Dollar, etc, will not be paid

Telegram Group: Vote + Screenshot 1. Click
2. Vote for "KWATT"

LinkedIn: Follow + Screenshot LinkedIn: Follow + Screenshot

1. Click the link from the page: (it is randomly generated)
2. Follow it

Add a song from Spotify to a Spotify playlist 1.Add a song from Spotify on a Spotify playlist that has at least 10 people following the playlist. This means that the music playlist you add the son

Forum: Post + Link 1. Go to any forum that you are already registered in
2. Post a new thread in SEO Section of the Forum and write a good review about LinkCollid

Yahoo Answers/Answebag/Quora/Wikians: Answer + Link to Site + Screenshot First, read carefully all task instructions:

1. Go to Yahoo/Quora/WiKi/Answer website where people ask questions related to "Forei

Search + Visit 1. Go to Google and type in the search box keyword which you can find at the following link:
2. Find in the search results this

Search + Obtain Info 1. Please go to Google
2. Search for "Henry Gabay"
3. Find his AngelList profile and click on it
4. Stay on the page fo

Weg: Search + Engage + Screenshot 1. Search Google for "Wegather"
2. Go through search results until you find www.wega***ne
Visit the page

Youutube (GBD): Search + Watch + Comment 1. Search for "Govinda Dasu YouTube"
2. Look for Uploads from Govinda Dasu
3. Watch a video "Resolved, God Exists"
Forum: Post + Link to Site

1. Go to any forum that you are already registered in.

2. Post a new thread and write a good review about "How to Get God's

Telegram: Join Channel 1. Visit:
2. Join the channel

Make Money Forum: Sign up + Post 1. Register using my referral link:

2. After confirming your account introduce yourself by creating a new t

Coupon: Click + Screenshot Coupon: Click + Screenshot

1. Go to URL listed here:

2. Find listing as pictured here: https://pr

IDAP Airdrop: Join + Screenshot 1. Join here $HXRO Airdrop:

2. Confirm your Email and complete registration

Instagram: Comment Note:
You must have an Instagram account to perform this task

1. Go to

2. L

Create a new Gmail account 1. Go to
2. Create a new Gmail account

- DO NOT add Recovery Mail Address
- DO NOT add Recovery P

create a gmail account 1. Go to
2. Click on the "Sign up" / "Create account" link
3. Complete the Sign up
4. Add a re visit for seo 1. open
2.keywords : antalya evden eve nakliyat
3. click this domain :
4. visit some pages

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