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1.Add a song from Spotify on a Spotify playlist that has at least 10 people following the playlist. This means that the music playlist you add the song on must have 9 other people that also listen to that playlist (this will be checked)
2. Go to https://open.spotify.com/track/7Kl7IJSzsRPXZlh7IklhuZ?si=wgGEQ_UMSnKkf29wBbCcag
3. Click on the 3 dots, then click on "add to playlist"
4. Add the song to one of your playlists that has at least 9 other people that have clicked like and are following your playlist.

How to prove you done it

1. Link/Url to your playlist so I can check and confirm you added the song, and that your playlist got other followers following that playlist.
2. If you have more then 1 playlists with more followers, and want to do additional tasks put that in the comment here and I will add you in a hire me job and pay you extra.

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