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1. Go to any forum that you are already registered in.

2. Post a new thread and write a good review about "How to Get God's Help to Remove Difficulties". Write clean and grammatical error free post.

There are many difficulties in human life. No one but God can remove their problems. All religions have a common word, "Donation Remove Difficulties". Donating God's favorable things to helpless people and pathetic prayer to God can remove your difficulties.

Make sure you posted it on the right section/category of the forum.

Make sure that you are allowed to include link in your post and that the link is visible to forum guests (i.e. people shouldn't need to log in to view your post).

3. Somewhere inside the review, point the readers to go to https://app.getresponse.com/login

if they want to learn more about God's help.

4. Randomly use any one of the following sentences as title of the post:

- Get Help To Remove All Difficulties Of Your Life
- No One But God Can Remove All of Your Problems
- Donation Remove Difficulties
- Get Satisfaction of God to Remove Difficulties
- When God Will Help You?

5. Include the link in your post:
https://app.getresponse.com/login />
6. Use the following keywords as anchor link and tags of the post if possible:
God's Help, Remove Difficulties, Believer.

Do not make a spammy comment. Write something pertinent that will not be deleted by an administrator. Do not try to post same person/user with multiple ID.

Post must be in accurate category/section. Post to non-related forum will be marked as spam. Make sure the link is clickable (forum allows BB Code) and redirects to my website. Your forum post must be visible to guests (people who are not logged in) and should Not be deleted by an administrator.

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1. Your Username
2. Link to your post
3. The date you posted the thread

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