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Job Description

1. Open
2. Open a DIFFERENT web browser brand from what you are using now, and go to Google (English)

3. Search the keyword in the image in Step 1 (without "Open URL:...")

4. Open the URL specified in "Open URL:" in the image in Step 1 (top of the page in Google)
5. Browse the website pages for a few minutes

Optional Bonus ($0.10): add the page you found in search to your Bookmarks in the CHROME browser (Google's browser) and keep it there for a few days.

How to prove you done it

1. Type the text on the footer of a page
2. What is the message (if any) after browsing the website pages for a few minutes?

3. Link to a screenshot of the page in your bookmarks.

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(this job is available for workers from all countries)

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